Looking for a Cozy Home with your Loved One? Try a Tiny Home!

Why are millennials wanting to live in tiny homes? Many people are looking towards tiny homes in an attempt to avoid rising mortgage rates and to keep from accumulating more debt. Fox Business posted the following statistics about tiny homeowner’s finances: 60% have no credit card debt at all and 55% have more savings than the average homeowner. Living in a tiny house may sound like the way to go, but there are some considerations that should be made prior to taking that plunge.

Getting Rid, and Keeping Out, the Excess

It may seem like an easy idea to get rid of all that junk that has piled up in your garage, but don’t forget that it works both ways. Not everything you currently have in your large home will be able to be brought into a tiny home. If you are the kind of person who can’t wait to do the spring cleaning, then this may be ideal for you! If you are the opposite and like to keep and accumulate stuff, micro may not be the best option for you.

Will you Miss the Privacy?

Many people enjoy their home because they are able to have their own space away from everyone or everything else. For those who travel, or tend to not be home much, having your own space may not be a big deal. Tiny homes minimize costs and make decorating a breeze, but for those who like to lounge and spread out in a variety of space, a tiny home may become quite limiting. While you may love your partner, some people need their own space!

Little to No Home Maintenance

No matter where you are currently living, there is always a range of minor to major things that need to be done to keep your space neat and tidy. In a tiny home, there is a lot less to do to achieve that same neatness! This gives you and your loved one much more free time to spend together. If you are someone who enjoys taking care of the yard or doing various home duties, a full sized home may align better with your lifestyle. However, whether it’s cuddling for a movie day at in your tiny home or changing up your few decorations, micro living could be for you!